Live STORY Sessions

Our live STORY Sessions, we gather with those who are active participants in the shaping of your team or organisations culture. A STORY Session is either built around a voice from our bank of storytellers, or we are able to craft and share a story, interview style, of someone within your organisation. We create space for conversation and connection. Given our belief that the power of a story is the story that starts in you, we ask those participating to reflect on how they can participate in the writing of a meaningful collective story, therefore impacting culture.

Immersions & Dialogues

Our immersions aim to expose people to a range of contexts that they may have heard of but never been exposed to. We tailor them to the context of your team, engaging first in the immersion before opening up dialogue around the impact of the immersion on the team itself, creating space for the collective experience to catalyse new ways of ‘doing things around here’ at work.

Storyteller training

For a more comprehensive approach to the use of story in your business, we offer a solution which includes the documenting of stories which reflect the living out of your core values, and the distribution of those stories into the business through a network of internally trained story tellers. This is a ‘peer to peer’ solution, ensuring conversations are had amongst colleagues as to the individual contribution to a collective story.