Public STORY Sessions

At these STORY Sessions, which happen throughout the year, we bring together all who seek to be active participants in the writing of a meaningful city story, no matter your race, gender or beliefs. Each session is built around key themes and inspiring voices, who share their insights through their own story in an interview format, followed by interaction with the audience. Together, we learn from our guests and challenge our mindsets and worldviews in an inspired space. We create an atmosphere of connection as people share food and/or drink together. These events are free of charge and held at unique local venues

City Immersions

Given our passion for city culture, we follow up our STORY Session events by inviting those who attend into a range of city immersions. These immersions aim to expose people to the stories of those who live in the city, and the context within which those stories exist, such as:

  • the life of refugees
  • the reality of what it means to be homeless
  • urban economics and city entrepreneurship
  • city governance

Together we explore the many stories that exist in these spaces on foot, creating space for us to reflect and make choices on how to become more engaged and active citizens.

Dinner and Dialogue

Following our immersions, we then create space for further and deeper engagement with those who have attended. This takes place in people’s homes over dinner. These are spaces within which to connect with new people, safely explore how immersions have stretched or challenged you, and overall, reimagine new ways of doing life together.

Join our Community

We believe STORY Sessions will appeal to people who answer positively to either of the following questions:

  • Are you curious about the possibilities of relationships and adventures that lie beyond your comfort zone?
  • Do you feel stuck in a life that does not quite line up with your core values (and passions)?
  • Have you wanted to build authentic relationships beyond the economic, racial and religious lines that seem to divide our city?
  • Are you keen for your story to contribute to a wider community story?

Have you had the courage to imagine who we can become true neighbours to in the city?